Caroline Goodfellow

Caroline Goodfellow

Chief Executive

Caroline Goodfellow is responsible for the day to day running of GBS on behalf of the Executive. She should be contacted directly about the following areas of work:

  • Company Secretary
  • Child Protection and Legal Matters, including OSCR related enquiries
  • GB Staff and Property, including Tayview Lodges
  • All matters relating to the Executive and implementation of strategic initiatives, policies and procedures agreed by them
  • Strategic level enquires about Insurance and Risk Management
  • Media, Marketing and Public Relations
  • Youth Work Issues, Government Policy and Strategy
  • External agencies or Partnership Working
  • Complaints
  • Applications for Endurance Awards
Hazel McCallum

Hazel McCallum

Programme & Leadership Coordinator
Hazel is responsible for strategic level management and delivery of:
  • Cashback Awards Small Grants Scheme
  • Queen’s Award
  • DofE Award (as Award Manager)
  • Leadership Training Programme in liaison with Chief Executive
  • Managing Awards Coordinator

Hazel is also responsible for:

  • Facilitate the work of the DofE and Training Groups
  • Act as contact for Commissioners
  • Support the Chief Executive in delivery of YPTTL Cashback initiatives, including attendance at meetings and workshops
  • Work with the Chief Exec
Michelle Grant

Michelle Grant

Membership Services Coordinator 
Michelle Grant is responsible for the administration, processing and delivery of membership services as noted below:
  • Database Management – all aspects, including annual returns, updating contacts, provision of management reports for Chief Executive
  • Membership Registration – All levels
  • Insurance – Holidays and provision of general advice to members
  • Event Admin and Management, e.g. AGM, Presentation Evening, Competitions, etc.
  • Website Management, including supervision of Web Support Officer
  • Communications to membership via web-mailing, in liaison with Chief Executive
  • Provision of basic Safeguarding Advice to members
  • Facilitating the work of Mission and Holiday Leadership Groups
  • Provide confidential admin support to Chief Executive as required
Neil McBain

Neil McBain

Supplies Manager 

Neil McBain works 42 weeks of the year to meet the needs of the membership, taking a break during quieter periods.
These dates are advised on the GBS website.

Marion Watson

Marion Watson

Finance Officer
Mon to Fri
9.30 – 2.30 pm

Marion Watson should be contacted about all matters relating to Finance.  
Marion works 25 hours per week, 9.30 – 2.30 pm each day.

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