Start a new company

Start a new GB Company

It's great that you are thinking of starting a new Girls' Brigade company.  There are a few points which need to be considered before you can get started and the list below is designed to help you through the process.   Please don't be put off by the process as it's important to put the necessary building blocks in place to ensure that all companies start off on the right path. It's also worth remembering that the Staff Team at Girls' Brigade Scotland HQ and the local Division will always be on hand to support you when starting a company and that you aren't on your own.

  • Contact Caroline Goodfellow, Chief Executive of GBS, who will be happy to discuss the proposed new company and the affiliation process.
  • Secure agreement from the Church congregation's governing body and then send a formal, written request to the Chief Executive at or by letter to the address shown on the footer below.
  • On receipt of the written request Caroline will then advise on Safeguarding procedures. At this point, the church can start the recruiting and vetting processes for potential leaders. The GB Commissioner for the area will make contact to advise on training, how to run a Girls' Brigade Company and local support available.
  • On receipt of satisfactory proof that all prospective leaders over the age of 18 are now members of the PVG Scheme and hold an Enhanced Disclosure certificate GB HQ will issue registration and marketing materials along with programme material for the 6 week setting-up period prior to affiliation. A start date should then be agreed between the church and local Commissioner.
  • The Commissioner (or another commissioned Girls' Brigade Officer delegated by her) must attend each meeting throughout the 6 week setting-up period prior to affiliation of the company. This ensures that there is an experienced GB Officer on hand to help and advise during this period, as well as being a requirement of the GB insurers for the new company to be covered by public liability insurance.
  • At the end of the six weeks if the Company has at least 10 girls (of any age) registered and attending regularly and on the recommendation of the Commissioner the new Company can be affiliated to the Girls' Brigade in Scotland. They can then purchase uniform and other materials through GB HQ.

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