Costs involved

GB offers a great programme of activities, skills and opportunity for girls and young women at a reasonable cost which offers you as parents/carers good value throughout the year.

GB companies usually take a weekly subscription which covers the week by week running costs of equipment, activities, etc.  Most companies collect these weekly but some ask you to pay by school term and you can check on this when you go along to the company. There is also an annual membership fee which helps meet the day to day operation costs of Girls' Brigade Scotland.  Annual fees are set each year and provide insurance cover for all members, programme development, youth and adult training and many other HQ services which support all companies.  Some companies include this in their subscription, others ask parents to pay annually and others undertake fundraising to assist with costs so it is worth checking with your local company what arrangements they have in place.   Usually there is a separate charge for days out, special activities or residential weekends.


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