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Induction Training Dates for 2022

Induction Training will take place over the course of four weeks through Zoom.

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Induction Training 2
23 and 30 May, 12* and 20 June 2022
(* 12 June is a Sunday and will start at 2pm, the others are weekdays
starting at 7.30pm)

Register by 13 May 2022

Induction Training 3
17 and 23* October, 7 and 16 November 2022
(*23 October is a Sunday and will start at 2pm, the others are
weekdays starting at 7.30pm)
Register by 7 October 2022

Who is eligible to attend and how do you register?

If you have already completed the On-line Induction Training module and passed the Quiz or you wish to register as a Trainee Leader to start your journey please contact Michelle Grant – to register for training via 4 Zoom sessions.

ALL Trainees must complete the On-line Induction Module & Quiz prior to attending this course. The closing date for registrations are noted above. The admin cost for this course is £7.50 per Trainee to be paid by your Company prior to attending. (Details of how to pay will be sent out with acknowledgement of your registration.)

Under the new Leadership Training agreement, Trainees must complete the 4 week Induction Course within 6 months of completing the online module and quiz.

It is hoped that many will do this sooner.

Trainees can miss one session and a video recording will be supplied but they may have to complete a piece of work relating to the session they have missed.

Trainees who register must be willing to participate in group discussions and have their cameras switched on at all times.

We look forward to welcoming you to this Induction Training Course as you start your start your Leadership Journey.

Event Details

Start date: 7 February 2022

End date: 16 November 2022

Start time: 19:30

End time: 20:30