The Queen’s Award is the highest award that can be achieved as a Brigader or young Leader within Girls’ Brigade and while it is designed to be challenging it is also extremely rewarding and brings benefits that stay with participants throughout their lives. 

The award consists of different modules of work, and looks at the contribution that participants make to their GB company, church and the wider community.  For further information on what’s involved please click here.

Participants can register to participate in the Queen’s Award from the age of 16 and they have until their 25th Birthday to finalise their work.  All participants must also take a minimum of 2 years to complete their award.  If you are interested in registering for this award please speak to the Leader in Charge at your Girls’ Brigade company.

If you have already registered to participate in the Queen’s Award you can access the online QA Course via the GB Moodle page by clicking here.

Queens award artwork

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