All Girls’ Brigade Scotland adult volunteers are required to undertake training in leadership within the organisation and from the age of 16 Brigaders can choose to commence this too.

Our leadership training programme is designed to develop and encourage individuals to identify their strengths and look at how their role forms part of a larger team working within the aims and principles of the Girls’ Brigade to lead and guide girls.

Induction is the first level of the GBS Leadership Training Programme. It is available to Brigaders from the age of 16 but is designed to ensure that everyone who is keen to take up a Leadership role, regardless of their previous involvement in Girls’ Brigade, is equipped with the same basic level of understanding about the organisation and a foundation of knowledge which they can build upon if they choose to do so. 

The Induction Training is split into two elements. The first element requires all new Trainees to work through the online training modules and then complete a multiple-choice quiz using Moodle, our online training system. The second element consists of 4 Zoom Training Sessions which incorporate Child Protection Training and are arranged into blocks and run on a quarterly basis throughout the year. All Trainees who wish to work in company for more than 6 weeks per GB session are required to complete both training elements. 

During the Induction process and in line with GBS Safeguarding Policies all new Trainees are also required to undergo a PVG disclosure check. Previously this was required if Trainees were 18 years of age or in the case of Brigaders when they approached their 18th Birthday. However, to prevent some Trainees from having to complete duplicate forms in order to submit PVG details this procedure has now been simplified to ensure it is consistent for all Trainees, regardless of their age. 

If you have any queries regarding the process please contact Michelle Grant, Membership Services Coordinator, by email at who will happily assist you. 

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