EG’s Story


I am 6 years old and I have been to Girls’ Brigade for 2 years. I have met new friends at Girls’ Brigade and I also see some of my friends from school there too.

The thing I like best about Girls’ Brigade is going on the trips like the day we went on a big coach to the farm park with the Boys’ Brigade and the Alice in Wonderland day when I got to see hundreds of other girls and we made a potion with the Mad Hatter. We also found out that the Caterpillar ate the Queen of Hearts’ tarts and we got to toast marshmallows and then eat them.

On a Wednesday night I get excited to see what we are going to be doing each week. My favourite things are playing games with my friends and decorating cakes and cookies. I have learned new games that we don’t play at school like “Ladders” and the “Shopping game”. I also like practicing for my display. In 2019 we are doing Scotland for our display and I am looking forward to showing my mum what I have been learning. I also can’t wait to get my new badges.

EG – age 6

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