Mhairi’s Story

Mhari Campbell with officers

I’ve been a member of Girls’ Brigade since I was 5 years old – that’s 15 years – and have always really enjoyed it. Everyone has always been helpful and friendly and all the things we did when I was a girl were different from what I was doing at school.

I had lots of friends from church who went to different schools so GB was a chance to catch up with them. I made lots of friends at GB over the years.

When I was in the Brigader section I was asked if I wanted to start working to get my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. I wasn’t sure to start with but with a bit of encouragement from the leaders and my friends I decided to give it a go. It was really good. It made me do things I maybe wouldn’t have done otherwise. I wasn’t too sure about the expedition though but I coped ok and it was a great feeling to get my Bronze Award. It was even better getting my Gold at Holyrood, I was really pleased with what I’d achieved.

When I did my introduction training I had to think about GB and what I knew about it – more than I realized – and also about myself! I also had to think about what I had got out of GB over the years. Well, GB has really helped my confidence and helps me feel positive about myself. If I found something hard everyone was there to help me and I got on really well with everyone.

My family are really glad that I still come to GB and help with the Explorers. I really feel part of the team, the leaders are great. I really enjoy working with the wee ones, they ask me for help and I feel confident when they do that. It has helped me communicate with people and I like being given responsibilities.

I really enjoy GB, it’s like a big family, we help each other, chat to each other and just enjoy ourselves on a Tuesday night.

Mhairi Jane Campbell
2nd Inverness Company

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