MH’s Story

I went on a Girls’ Brigade trip to the Mad Hatter tea party. We were all given badges to wear – mine was a Cheshire Cat. My best friend was a mouse but I didn’t chase her because we were friends.

When we got to the tea party there was a big tent in a field and Alice and lots of other people were there to tell us what to do. There were big trays of fruit and chocolate biscuits that said “Eat Me” on them. We all sang songs and danced in the tent before we followed our leader who had a big sign and took us to toast marshmallows and visit the Enchanted Forest and we had lots of fun.

At lunch time Alice and her friends gave us all sweetie watches and then we went back outside to play games in the field. There was a room that looked like it was magic and we had to walk through it to get to where we could buy things to take home. I really loved my day but was too tired to tell my Mum all about it when I got home.

MH – aged 7

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