Mia’s story


Mia has Angelman’s syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that affects the nervous system and causes severe physical and intellectual disability. Despite this she attends Girls’ Brigade every week with her carer and has done so for many years. Her Captain recently nominated Mia for a Brigade President’s Commendation and told us that

“Mia epitomises the Girls’ Brigade ethos of inclusiveness and teaches our girls the importance of accepting and including everyone. She is involved in all activities at Girls Brigade with the help of her carer or the other girls. She is a very happy girl and clearly enjoys being at Girls’ Brigade and I believe she is emotionally stimulated by her time with us.

As a result of her condition, Mia is unable to complete the requirements to obtain the Brigaders’ Brooch, but I do feel that she deserves some special recognition for all that she brings to our company and the wider family of Girls’ Brigade Scotland.”

Mia will shortly receive her Brigade President’s Commendation in her local Church. Her Mum wrote to GB HQ to say

“We’re absolutely delighted that Mia has been approved for a Brigade President’s Commendation Girls’ Brigade has brought so much to Mia’s life and us as a family. She has complex health, physical and learning needs but the acceptance and inclusion by everyone in GB has been overwhelming and she is just ‘one of the girls’ each week.”

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